Speechwriting is more than just writing a speech: Lessons for moving people

Stephen Krupinin workshop Vanajanlinnassa 2.6.2021

Tämä ainutlaatuinen workshop tarjoaa osallistujille mahdollisuuden oppia Valkoisen talon puheenkirjoittajien tekniikat ja taktiikat ja siten laatia jatkossa puheita, jotka koskettavat ja muuttavat maailmaa ympärillämme.

Maailman parhaimpiin puheenkirjoittajiin lukeutuva Stephen Krupin avaa osallistujille vaikuttavan puheen luomisen salat esimerkkien, aktiivisten keskustelujen ja harjoitusten avulla. Krupinin workshopin jälkeen laatimasi puheen nousevat uudelle tasolle ja voit hyödyntää oppimaasi aina, kun eteesi tulee uusia puhetehtäviä. Workshopin kieli on englanti.

Speechwriting is more than just writing a speech. It’s learning, thinking, researching, interviewing, translating, collaborating, storytelling, persuading, refereeing, editing, rewriting, and coaching. Then, with every new topic or speaker, it’s doing each all over again.

Stephen Krupin has written for a U.S. President, Secretary of State, and Senate majority leader. Today he writes for CEOs, advocates, politicians, and celebrities, and teaches the postgraduate speechwriting course at Harvard. He likes speechwriting — a lot. In this interactive workshop, Stephen will share the joys of the job through the lessons he’s learned.

We will discuss in detail how speechwriters do what we do, why it works, and why it matters to our audiences. You’ll be introduced (or reintroduced) to techniques that make speeches sing and principles that make them successful. You’ll see and hear real-world examples and participate in exercises that will improve your writing and your writing process.

Speech assignments always come with deadlines, and those deadlines are often short. In this workshop you’ll get the chance to pause, reset your writing habits, and return to your keyboard with new energy for shaping and sharing messages that move people.

Stephen Krupinin workshop järjestetään Vanajanlinnassa 2. ja 3.6.2021. Workshop 3.6. on loppuunmyyty.