How to Own the Room: Public Speaking Workshop

Viv Groskopin workshop Vanajanlinnassa 1.6. ja 2.6.2020

Tämä toiminnallinen päivän mittainen työpaja ammentaa komediasta, teatterista, klovneriasta ja perinteisestä puhetaidosta. Hauskat ja hyödylliset harjoitukset johtavat sinut hellästi pois omalta mukavuusalueeltasi ja nostavat esiintymistaitosi uudelle tasolle

Tunnettu englantilainen kirjailija, koomikko ja esiintymiskouluttaja Viv Groskop ammentaa omasta esiintymiskokemuksestaan ja menestyskirjansa Ota tila haltuun opetuksista. Vuorovaikutteiset harjoitukset, henkilökohtainen palaute ja valmennus antavat sinulle uusia taitoja ja itsevarmuutta puhujana ja esiintyjänä. Yksilöllinen ote toteutuu, koska tähän koulutukseen otetaan korkeintaan 15 osallistujaa. Workshopin kieli on englanti.

Workshop järjestetään kahtena päivänä. Workshop 2.6. on täynnä, mutta 1.6. koulutuksessa on tilaa.

What does it mean to you to “own the room”? The task of changing people’s minds, delivering a great presentation or taking up space with grace and authority becomes much easier if we know where our individual strengths lie — and how we come across to others.

Too often as speakers we are focused on what we lack and on our nerves and anxiety. This is only natural and human. But the reality is, we all have a certain spark of energy and presence that is attractive to others and that exists even before we speak.

This workshop is an opportunity to dig into what that looks like on you and to expand your range as a speaker. You will come away feeling more capable, more at ease with yourself and fully armed with a toolkit of tried and tested hints and tricks to see you through high-pressure situations, whatever your industry or field.

Viv Groskop is the author of the best-selling How to Own the Room, a guide to brilliant speaking, and host of the podcast of the same name. Launched in 2018, How to Own the Room is the biggest public speaking podcast in the world, with over 1 million downloads and featuring interviews with Hillary Clinton, Valerie Jarrett, Margaret Atwood, Google CEO’s Matt Brittin, Succession’s Brian Cox and dozens more.

Viv switched careers from journalism to stand-up comedy in her late thirties in 2011 by doing 100 gigs in 100 consecutive nights when she had three children under the age of six. She has learned the hard way how to manage nerves, self-doubt, insecurity, criticism, heckling and the feeling of being chronically under-prepared. She is now one of the most sought-after public speakers on the circuit and appears regularly on television and radio. As a coach her great passion is to bust some of the deep-seated myths we have about speaking in front of others and to encourage us to ask ourselves the deep question: What if it’s actually much easier than you thought?

In this day-long interactive workshop, Viv will guide participants through a series of fun, interactive exercises which draw on lessons from comedy, theatre, clowning and traditional public speaking. They will push you gently and enjoyably out of your comfort zone and help you identify what it is that you are already doing effortlessly that you can “dial up” in your speaking. You will have the chance to receive individual feedback and coaching on your own personal style and to fix any bugbears or long-term anxieties.

For newer speakers, this workshop is an opportunity to spend a day taking stock of your strengths as speaker (and, yes, you have them even if you think you don’t) — and to learn how to lean into those strengths without stress. For more experienced speakers, it’s a space where you can work on expanding your range and repertoire. For everyone, it’s a chance to have fun and to dig into the idea that you already have everything you need to be a great speaker.